Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Online Ad Industry Losing Trust

According to a recent survey conducted by the online marketing tracker- Fournaise Marketing Group, an estimated two-thirds of marketing departments in the US & UK were not sure whether they could trust the traffic profiles promised to them by online media owners and publishers.

Factors like click frauds, lack of trust in traffic and click through reports, and inability to verify whether ads are being displayed on targeted websites or particular sections of a site, etc. are some of the major concerns sighted in the report.

As per the Fournaise Marketing Group there has been a substantial decline in click-through-rates, which is affecting the conversion rates too. Fournaise emphasized on the necessity of a proper and full auditing system to win the trust of advertisers.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is the New “display URL policy” in AdWords a Major Concern?

There is a warning notice that you will confront immediately after logging in to your AdWords Account, which reads:

“Starting in April, display URLs for new ads will be required to match their destination / landing page URLs, without exception. Please adjust your URLs accordingly when creating new ads.”

Reading this the first thing that comes to mind is we will lose one of the most powerful techniques of reducing CPC (Cost Per Click), as there will be no more ad testing with fancy URLs and automatic redirects. One can still have multiple domains but no redirects will be allowed.

However, I come across a new possibility by which you can assign multiple names to your website. And that too in a Search Engine friendly way. Check this to know how

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Target Ads with ‘Demographic Bidding’

AdWords advertisers can now avail a new ad targeting feature “Demographic Bidding”, specially designed to modify bids and restrict clicks that don’t convert well on the participating sites in Google Content Network.

Demographic bidding will allow advertisers to bid by age groups, gender, or combinations of those groups. The feature is available in contextual advertising as well as in placement targeting, and supports both CPC and CPM bidding.