Monday, January 21, 2008

Time to Upgrade Google Analytics Tracker

For AdWords Advertisers using Google Analytics tool, it’s time to upgrade their old analytics tracking system with the new and more advanced version, which has been made available to all Google account holders recently. The new analytics tracker namely “ga.js” is a complete javascript rewrite that succeeds the existing old version “urchin.js”. One can go through the Google Analytics Migration Guide PDF for detail reference.

The new tracking version has brought many updates to Google Analytics system, while making advanced features accessible in a much better way. For example, one can track the performance of a webpage on multiple Google Analytics account. Like sites with user generated contents can be able to integrate their authors' Google Analytics IDs alongside the company’s own tracking account.

It also enables you to check and analyze how your AdWords traffic compares with your site’s average or how one conversion goal compares to another over time, and more ...

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