Monday, January 14, 2008

Google’s Conversion Optimizer Now Out of Beta

The Google Conversion Optimizer is out of its beta test. It’s now available to qualified advertisers worldwide. For advertisers, whose Ad campaigns have enabled AdWords Conversion Tracking and received a minimum of 200 conversions within the last 30 days. The good thing is advertisers no longer have to manually adjust their bids to reach their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) goals.

Launched in September, 2007, this advanced AdWords tool is intended to enhance advertisers’ ad value by automatically finding the most optimal bids for an ad auction. The Conversion Optimizer calculates the optimal CPC bids by using the conversion history of a given search query, location of the user, and conversion history of particular sites in the Content Network.

Though there are certain features that are not compatible with Conversion Optimizer like placement targeting, position preference, etc. , the best part is that the tool is being seen as a real time saver by automatically showing only those ads that are most likely to convert.

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