Thursday, February 28, 2008

Microsoft gets YaData to boost Online Advertising

After the much hyped but not happening deal with Yahoo, Microsoft still seems to continue with its Online Ad reinforcing resolve. The Corporation has recently acquired a prolific Israeli ad-targeting start -up YaData. The acquisition is seen as a strong step in providing a more focused, value oriented online advertising platform by Microsoft.

The new integration will enable Microsoft to provide advertisers with a highly focused, richer targeting experience. Advertisers will be able to connect with their audience more efficiently and in a more engaging way.

YaData Company is headquartered in Tel Aviv. The company provides advanced tools for the discovery of unique customer segments. Its solutions are designed to automatically identify and target specific customer groups. YaData primarily focuses on behavioral targeting, which serves up advertising based on visitors’ behavior.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

US Media Cos Unite to form strongest Online Ad Network

Leading US media companies namely Garnett Co. Inc, Tribune Co., Hearst Corp., and The New York Times, join hands to form QuadrantOne-a new online ad venture that targets advertisers seeking national audience.

As stated by the chief executive of the new form company, quadrantOne will be able to provide customized online campaigns on highly competitive basis. The allied cos. will dedicate advertising inventory to quadrantOne.

According to reports from Neilsen Online Data, QuadrantOne will cover around 50 million unique visitors per month across 27 markets including D.C., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Google Traffic: A Gift or A Curse

Google is no doubt the leader in online advertising, which is holding more than 60 % search market share. But along with the massive traffic advantage in Google, PPC advertisers of today also experienced the curse of larger and larger ad spends.

This happens because the CPCs (cost per clicks) on their ad campaigns are getting higher and higher every time. There was a time when the CPC for highly competitive keywords is just a mere fraction of your bids. Now even the long term phrases will cost you a good spend.

On the other hand Yahoo has substantially lower traffic, but here CPCs on long key terms as well as long competitive terms are comparatively lower. PPC advertiser can add more value to their advertising budget in Yahoo.

However, there is also the advice that a PPC ad campaign doing good in Google despite of large expenses, may not give the kind of conversion one looks for in a different PPC engine like Yahoo. Also at the same time a different ad campaign with great CTR (clicks through rates) in Google can have a better conversion ratio after spending in Yahoo.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Big Fight over Online Ad Dom … Soon

In the field of Online Advertising Google is the largest player and things are looking up for Google, which reported fourth-quarter revenue rose more than 50 per cent and profit was up 17 per cent. But the recent $ 44.6bn Microsoft offer to teem up with Yahoo has set the guns rolling for a bigger battle over online advertising dominance soon. The combine power of Microsoft and Yahoo is expected to create better and more credible alternatives that might shook the Google’s innovative Empire.