Friday, July 6, 2007

Top 2 PPC Players

Google AdWords: Google AdWords is the most popular and widely used PPC program available in the World Wide Web. It offers a wide range of features and facilities to control, managed and run your ad campaign or campaigns. AdWords offers two kinds of accounts for advertisers-STARTER and STANDARD editions. The Starter edition is simple and easy to operate and maintain with lesser features and is allowed to operate for a single market (country/territory). For those new to Google AdWords, Starter edition offers an excellent means to display and run their ads that are based on single products for a group of specific customers. The Standard edition on the other hand is a full-featured AdWords version with advanced features on tracking and managing multiple campaigns for a wide choice of markets across the globe. The best thing about an AdWords campaign is that it can generate maximum traffics like no other of its kind can give.

Yahoo Sponsored Search: Yahoo Sponsored Search or Yahoo PPC program is another great way to display and market your products and services to a large audience in the Net. The Yahoo owned and run PPC engine was earlier the property of the frontrunner of all PPC engines. Yahoo PPC comes with advance features and facilities and provides you with the best PPC campaign tracking and managing tools. Opening an account in Yahoo is easy. You just need to follow the 5 simple, well-defined steps in the yahoo Search Marketing sign up page.