Monday, July 2, 2007

Keywords complexities in PPC Campaign

A successful PPC campaign is not only about choosing the right keywords that are popular and relevant to your ad materials. You should also have to keep an eye on the bidding rates of each keyword within your PPC Ad-groups. Depending on your ad budget you will assigned only those keywords that best describe your ads’ and can generate real clicks. Since campaigners are jumping into the PPC fray in overwhelming numbers, bidding wars really get tougher now. The best keywords are expensive, while affordable alternatives, more specific ones, with better ad positions may bring lesser or sometimes no attention at all. Worst still, the fear of finding bid rates of keywords of an on going campaign jumps into all time high the very next morning. As a result your position drops deep down in search pages, forcing you to find substitute words to regain position.

This has brought the urgency for campaigners to spend more and more time in identifying and analyzing their keywords along with the respective bid rates. Professional PPC service providers have their strategies and tools, but those who run their campaign by their own without professional help need to be very careful. It is easy to open a campaign in your favorite PPC engine but not that simple to run the same with keywords that meet your ads’ demand and budget at the same time.

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