Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yahoo PPC goes for shorter Ads

In its effort to streamline the search results and to make it easier for users to read and absorb your ad messages, Yahoo announces its plan to limit ads length at 75 characters. Till date Yahoo has been offering two options for its advertisers, a short description and a longer one. But they have started cutting off ads now. Though you are allowed to enter the longer version of descriptions, your ads will be adjusted and displayed within the 75 character limit.

Friday, November 2, 2007

AdWords adding more values to advertisers’ campaigns

It seems that Google AdWords has taken the promise of empowering its advertisers like never before. The world’s most powerful and popular PPC (pay per click) advertising program is continuously adding new features in its interface, making it better and better with every passing day.

The most important of all among the recent introductions is “IP Exclusion”. This tool allows you to eliminate certain people (people who are possible click fraud threats and whose IP addresses you know) from viewing your ads, by blocking their IP addresses. The tool offers you the option of selecting up to 20 IP addresses that you think should be blocked. You can cut click fraud activities to a reasonable extent by this way.

Next in the row is “Placement Performance Report”. This new feature is a great way to efficiently analyze your ads performance in Google’s content network. You can compare specific sites behavior –like the no. of clicks specific sites’ provides, conversions rates, etc. and etc. and can take effective actions.

The latest of all is Google MDS (Manager Defined Spend). It’s specifically for those advertisers, who run multiple accounts in AdWords. MDS is the new substitute of MCC (MY Client Center) only but unlike the regular MCC, MDS will allow the advertiser to create, modify & apply budgets without the need for a separate Service Agreement for each account.